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Issue I
Love Peace and Dye Has Landed in Pennsylvania and prepares for the road again!

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We here at Love Peace and Dye would like to create an open forum for communications of all kinds with all peoples....and as some small way of opening the doorway, we have decided to spend some time sharing our life and times with you, our friends, our family, others like us, others not so much like us...
The Only thing we ask in return is consideration...of yourself, your surroundings, of new thoughts and ideas. We could all stand to consider more things...
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On this page...


Arrival and Meat

As I am sure some of you are aware-I have been feeding my spoiled little kitties a raw meat diet for a little over a year now. While living in Milwaukee, this was an easy task! In Pennsylvania however, there is no way for me to purchase an prepackage meat for my kitties (ie Companion Natural Petfood and other Brands that market raw meat products). So Sare and I decided to spend a day visiting the local meat stores!!!

It is actually amazing that at each of the stores we visited that advertise as a meat market, you are only able to buy beef and selected parts of chicken. I was originally interested in purchasing boneless chicken that is ground with other organs from the chicken. What do they do with all the insides of the animals and why cant I buy them?
So as a substitute for the vitamins and minerals found in the organs of animals, I do use Anitra's Vita-Mineral Mix which is a daily supplement that I sprinkle on the pounds of meat I buy. Now, I wonder if there is anywhere in this area to buy organic meat???????


Winter Solstice and a New Year

Winter Solstice came and went so fast!! Love Peace and Dye has family in this state and we spent the time and the respective holidays with them. We were able to enjoy an amazing Solstice Dinner with Gram, and also a New Years Day HAPPY BIRTHDAY SARA dinner! Both were amazing and we thank Sara's Mom SOOOO much for her time and love in sharing her food and table as well as home and fun with us!!!


Knotty Boy Package!! Tie Dye!!

Shortly after our arrival in Pennsylvania, we were greeted with our SPONSORSHIP PACKAGE from Knotty Boy!!! This contained some awesome shirts, my groovy new hat, amazing products, and all sorts of other fun!!! So we got busy with the tie dye and made some great creations!!
Good Job Knotty Kids !!



You may remember our next Friend from other episodes, such as "Becky Gets Dreads!"....
Here she is again wearing some of our styling merch!


Sneak Preview!

Oh Yes Love Peace and Dye has found the amazing tour vehicle we have always dreamed of!
But you dont get to see it all just yet!!!!


Next Issue!

All of you cats out there signed up for our email Ezine Subscription can expect to see an update within the next 2-3 weeks regarding our plans to hit the road! Also, our next issue will feature some recipies, Pictures from our recent weekend in Hazleton, and alot more!!


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Creating and Imbolc

We'Moon Imbolc
"In the Northern Hemisphere, Imbolc Symbolizes the season when Mother Earth cleanses the debris that is cluttering Her delicate topsoil. She prepares herself to embrace this year's new growth through elemental cleansing. "
For humans and creatures in nature this can and is also a time of symbolic cleansing.
Creating an embracing atmosphere....celebrating new growth...
"For your community, donate unused food and clothing, Create unity with your sisters by gathering in a circle and passing an ice cube around until it melts. Be cognizant of the individual cold sensations you experience with your hands as you transfer your positive energy to the group's collective goal."

In this spirit of creating, Love Peace and Dye is CREATING some more reference pages online!!! Beginning with Laura B's sustainable living reference outline, and now a page of random resources that can offer information and inspiration that will help you help your earth, for communities with expensive recycling programs, for alternatives to expensive overpriced chemically lined products....just something the monkey and i are trying to put together in our spare time and we would love input from you!!! As far as what you would like to see here, what references and alternatives are you looking for in your daily life that would help you to cleanse and create an embracing atmosphere around you and towards your Mama Earth......


"I'm just trying to evolve..." Back to Top

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