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"Somebody has to do something, and it is just
incredibly pathetic it
has to be us."
Jerry Garcia

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Love Peace and DYE is an inspired movement to raise social consciousness in all aspects of our culture and consumerism, and share our love for crafts. In all our various works we infuse our love and passion for this planet and humanity by recycling everything we can.

We specialize in creativity!!

In the following pages you will find a gallery of our work as well as a listing of all our efforts in our local community and beyond. With links to other socially conscious local efforts and to our personal group pages for of all our various independent beliefs, passions, and activity, this site serves as a window into us, into your neighbors, and into this world and the humanity that is still here. We just have to find it.
Please share your comments and thoughts with us as you view these pages!
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"Save the Planet so we have Some place to BOOGIE!!"

Love Peace and Dye
Recycle Artists

Love Peace and Dye was founded on a shared belief that this earth is amazing and sacred, and nothing that we do should harm it. What sense does it make to harm the planet indefinately so that we all can have new, disposable, plastic, and sweatshop made items???
Born out of a desire to better explain DIY, and to do so with an environmental twist, Love Peace and Dye began Recycle Tie Dying as well as Recycle Reverse Dying. This has expanded to include anything and everything we find that we can recycle !! From T-Skirts, to baskets made from plastic irrigation material, to creatively designed jewelry, everything is in some form of being recycled, with an eye to keeping these items out of landfills.
Because of our love for the planet and our strong desire to reuse everything we can we call our products and ourselves Recycle Artists. And Recycle Art is an art form EVERYONE can and should learn and practice!

Thank you for all your support, fellow Recycle Artists!!
Keep Fighting the Good Fight!

The Crew of Love Peace and Dye

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Stay informed on what Love Peace and DYE is doing (you know we are always up to something)
->date: 05/8/2009
->posted by: Tiffypop
Our days in florida are numbered and i am becoming very sad about leaving, and very stressed about crafting :) but you know me i am loving every minute of it in this heat :) corey and i are traveling on the road this season with the wonderful roadshow that is until then i have another round of markets this weekend, so come out and see mee!!! then there is HEATWAVE next saturday - are you excited or what!??
----->May 9th at the Downtown Lakeland Curbside Market 8am to 2pm 200 N Kentucky Ave Lakeland, Florida
---->May 10th at the Sweetwater Green Market in Tampa 12pm-4pm
----->May 13th at the Downtown Lakeland Curbside Market 11am to 4pm 200 N Kentucky Ave Lakeland, Florida
---->May 16th at the Downtown Lakeland Curbside Market 8am to 2pm 200 N Kentucky Ave Lakeland, Florida
and finally!!
----->the 28th annual WMNF Tropical Heatwave Saturday May 16th from 5pm to 2am TROPICAL HEATWAVE: An extraordinary evening of eclectic and exciting entertainment. The event of the year and annual rite of spring for lovers of eclectic music. One night of uninhibited fun and amazing music. Six stages. 32 bands chosen for their ability to entertain live audiences. It all happens in the area of Ybor City around the Cuban Club. This year's lineup could be the best ever!!
the streets outside and all of inside the cuban club in Ybor City!
------> for more details!! See you There!
thanks so much for the love and support!

Thanks again for all your amazing love and support and I personally cannot wait to see all of you amazing and beautiful people out and about, where we gather to listen to the best live music around :)


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Adopt a Flower for Peace!

Are you fed up with the violence all around you? Don't you wish everyone would just learn how to get along? Adopt one of these flowers to show how you feel. Put one on your website to show you are opposed to violence and hatred in all its forms and have chosen to walk the path of love instead.
Want to adopt your own!? Its Free and for Peace man!!

"somebody do something
anything soon
i know i can't be the only
whatever i am in the room
so why am i so lonely?
why am i so tired?
i need backup
i need company
i need to be inspired"
-ani difranco

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Love Peace and Dye is a crafting effort to raise social consciousness regarding our purchases. When we pay attention to what we support with our money, we can support good and kind things -- Buy HandMade!

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