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Love Peace and DYE!

Tiffany Morgan
My Live Journal
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MO Boogie a festival version of myspace...

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From: South Central Pennsylvania
To: Milwaukee in October 2003 where Love Peace and Dye was inspired and founded

"That's the way the mind works: the human brain is genetically disposed towards organization, yet if not tightly controlled, will link one imagerial fragment to another on the flimsiest of pretense and in the most freewheeling manner, as if it takes a kind of organic pleasure in creative association, without regard for logic or chonological sequence..." '''Tom Robbins

My Family Album

I started this crazy hippie craft cooperative shortly after I arrived, when I realized I had too many tie-dye kits! Since then I have been going crazy with creativity and getting friends involved, as we all have so many different talents to offer.

My Kitties

My Lady Amalthea...

Earth Day is approaching and I think we could all do the 10 things listed here to make this world a little healthier! Greener Choices - For Earth Day, Every Day

Please feel free to email me here

tiffypop, corey, renee, and ida in Caledonia Pennsylvania

Bandelier, New Mexico

Flash Back to NAM!
These are pictures of me taken at age 18. It is just hard to imagine the changes I have seen since then..And these are very gorgeous pictures taken by my dear Charla-I Miss YOU!!!!!!

Why am I drinking horrible beer!?!

A school trip to Boston

I had this sweet van that I just loved...and this is me driving

Tiffy POP's Favorite Links!

Bush's Environmental Report Card

Sylvia Plath

Ani In Spanish!

Dead Lyrics
Dead Archive

Womyn and the War on Drugs

Tiffypop in the Knotty Boy Gallery!

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