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...We all come from the Sun God
and to Him we shall return
like a flash of light
rising from his flaming brow....


thanks for the special Solstice feast, mom... it was awsome!!!!!!!

Universal Beings Newsletter
A monthly newsletter for the magical community.
This newsletter is a non-profit publication dedicated
to sharing spiritual and enlightening principles.
All articles are for teaching purposes only.
If you see something that shouldn't be published here,
please let the editor Dekora know, nicely? Thank You.

The Halloween Witch

Each year they parade her about ... the traditional Halloween witch.Misshapen green face, stringy scraps of hair, and a toothless mouth beneath her disfigured nose. Gnarled, knobby fingers twisted into a claw, protracting from a bent and twisted torso that lurches about on wobbly legs.Most think this abject image to be the creation of a prejudiced mind, or merely a Halloween caricature.I disagree. I believe this to be how witches were really seen.Consider that most witches: were women, were abducted in the night, and smuggled into dungeons or prisons under the secrecy of darkness, to be presented by the light of day as a confessed witch.Few, if any, saw a frightened, normal looking woman being dragged into a secret room filled with instruments of torture. To be questioned until she confessed to anything that was suggested to her. To give names or whatever would stop the questions. Crowds saw the aberration denounced to the world as a self-proclaimed witch.The witch was paraded
through the town, en route to be burned, changed, drowned, stoned, or disposed of in various other forms of Christian love ... all created to free and save her soul from her depraved body. The jeering crowds viewed the results of hours of torture. The face, bruised and broken by countless blows, bore a hue of sickly green. The once warm and loving smile gone. Replaced by a grimace of broken teeth and torn gums that leers beneath a battered,disfigured nose. The disheveled hair conceals bleeding gaps of torn scalp from whence cruel hands had torn away the once lovely tresses. Broken, twisted hands clutched the wagon for support. Fractured fingers locked like groping claws to steady her broken body. All semblance of humanity gone. This was truly a demon, a bride of Satan,a witch.I revere this Halloween crone and hold her sacred above all. I honor her courage and listen to her warnings of the dark side of humanity.Each year I shed tears of respect.

Written by Angel, 6/99

How the world affects us all?

We believe that there is an inter-relationship between this planet, this universe, and us, and it is more than the prescence of a higher being. The relationship is composed of the energies that surround us all, the energies most of us don't know how to tap into...
An interesting article about the eclipses recently and how they inter-relate.
Eclipse Thoughts
Information on just what Mars is up to in the coming months.
Mars and Earth

From Joseph:

May all of you have a wonderful month of May.
Thank you to everyone who joined / particpated in The fun Beltane
celebration and ceremonies.
Want to have more fun events and bashes social gatherings (or touch base
with those of "like mind" join us on our little messageboard.
We will have pictures from the celebration up as soon as they are developed!!

Reading Resources

Who Was Aradia? The History and Development of a Legend

...We all come from the Goddess
and to Her we shall return
like a drop of rain
flowing to the ocean...

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